Q. Why do I need Policyholders Adjusting Services?

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not giving it away. Keep in mind the insurance company’s adjuster is paid by your insurance company, and therefore, represents their interests not yours. They do not work for you. We do.

Additionally, most of us are not prepared to deal with a property loss. We really believe it will never happen to us. More commonly than not, we hear our clients state that they have “never read their own policy”.

Policyholders Adjusting Services reads and reviews your entire policy, identifying each individual nuance within it. We decipher the “fine print” and clauses within your insurance policy to insure that you receive all benefits available to you. Many of the benefits available within your policy are not recognizable to the average layperson, thus without help, you can easily shortchange yourself.

Just as you would go to an accountant to prepare your taxes, Policyholders Adjusting Services is there to sift through the flood of bureaucratic procedures, red tape and countless unforeseen headaches that come with settling an insurance claim.

Q. What exactly will Policyholders Adjusting Services do for me?

Our sole priority is to take charge of the arduous job of settling your insurance claim in a fair and timely manner. From the difficult and emotional tasks of boarding up your property, to taking a full and detailed inventory, to the delivery of your final check, we are there guiding the process, persistently working side by side with you and your insurance company’s adjuster.

Our staff of highly trained, state licensed and bonded professionals makes sure your loss has our immediate attention and continual review that it deserves and needs until it is successfully settled.

Q. Why does my insurance company /agent/adjuster/ tell me not to hire a public adjuster?

Insurance company representatives will often advise you not to retain any outside assistance. You will notice that they will bring out a contractor of their own choosing to write a scope of the structural damages to your property, as well as a “pack-out” and / or a personal property restoration company to assess the damages to your contents. These companies are all selected by the insurance company representative and in the insurance company’s best interest, not yours.

As your representative, Policyholders Adjusting Services will put you on even footing with your insurance company. You, the insured, have the right under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to select the contractor of your choice to repair the damages sustained to your home, as well as which contents restoration company you want. We at Policyholders use the same quality of qualified contractors, but the estimates we obtain on your property reflect your interest, not the insurance company’s.

After all, is said and done, you and your family are the ones who have to live in your home, shouldn’t you be the satisfied party? We will not be until you are.

Q. Doesn’t my insurance company already have people who do this?

Whereas your insurance company will supply you with their own in-house adjuster who may seem agreeable in processing your claim, more times than not, he/she will prove inefficient in getting you paid for what you would consider to be the fair value of your loss. After all, his paycheck comes from the insurance company.

Q. What sets Policyholders Adjusting Services apart from the other policy-adjusting firms?

Policyholders Adjusting Services is a 30-year-old family owned company that has built a reputation on supplying personalized attention to our clients. Backed up by support services (a support team) ranging from structural and geographical engineer construction estimators, as well as environmental technicians, fungus and mold specialists and forensic accountants, as well as inventory specialists. We are perfectly integrated and in touch with the community of experts, you will most likely need in the process of settling your claim.

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