Claim Investigation: For the Perspective Plaintiff

Many readers are probably befuddled from the title of this article.  Why would any “claim professional” be discussing a plaintiffs perspective? No doubt, costs of litigation are always on the rise.  The question of whether attorneys are appropriate “in field”...

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The Appraisal Clause

The appraisal clause is designed to be a simple and low cost form of mediation in the event of a disagreement on the value of damages; generally limited to property claims.  Much like mediation, there are few written rules governing the appraisal clause.  In the...

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Why Public Adjusters are enemies of Independent Agents

As if the insurance claim profession isnt plagued with enough problems, I came across an obscure article titled Why Public Adjusters are not enemies of Independent Agents, published in March of 2010 by Ronald Reitz, CPPA, on the Insurance Journals website.  After much...

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